Sarasvatī – Oh I Never Know

Sarasvatī is Risa Saraswati, a new aspiring singer/song writer who pursue a solo career using her Sanskrit name, Sarasvatī (सरस्वती).

  Sarasvatī - Oh I Never Know (5.7 MiB, 5,660 hits)

Such divine passion towards knowledge, art, and particularly music, is conveyed through songs and lyrics, with passages after passages, words by words Risa shares her eternal experience of pursuing happiness, with you.

Her spiritual journey, her quest for perfection, and many simple, negligible, unimportant whatnot.

This is Sarasvatī. Enjoy the truthful music from Risa Saraswati.

13 thoughts on “Sarasvatī – Oh I Never Know”

  1. Winda says:

    Widih! Lagunya megah banget! Beda dari Risa pas masih di homogenic…

  2. @heru_pr160290 says:

    akhirnya, Risa kembali…

  3. telat says:

    not bad but not good either

  4. Dian Regizter says:

    ok bngt lgux …

  5. gede says:

    semoga namnya tdk terlalu berat yah…krn mengadaptasi dri dewi saraswati

  6. Krishna Setiadi says:

    nice song!
    ada yang punya liriknya?

  7. Eek Kebo says:

    Just okay. But not best.

  8. Winot Yeahyeah says:

    woowww….sangat mendayu – dayu!!!
    risa hebat….

  9. randzzz says:

    still expect more from Risa Saraswati….

  10. chandra heuay says:

    lagunya sangat romantisssss

    ada yg punya liriknya???

  11. @daprode says:

    siapakah suara cowok itu? :D

  12. ado says:

    coba buka link ini, ada liriknya lho…

  13. iphone 5 test and keep says:

    Good post.Ne’er knew this, regards for letting me know.

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