Sajama Cut – Nemesis/Murder (YMCK Remix)

frontpage They’ve been gone for quite a while, according to their website “pre-producing new materials”. But this year seems to be a return to form for the Indonesian, Jakarta-based rock band. Other than a plan to release a new album, they’re also releasing a Remix album entitled L’Internationale (the Internationale), where in which producers from vast places such as, Scotland, Norway, Germany, UK, Japan, and Hong Kong remixes tunes from The Osaka Journals into various styles ranging from Chip-tune, IDM, House, to Ambient. They will also release various singles in the form of limited edition EPs (starting with the Nemesis EP this June) from the album.

So tell me a little about the remix album you’re releasing?
Well, we actually planned it right after we released Osaka Journals about a year ago. Some of my friends from the Netherlands and Australia were remixing our songs just for fun, and they ended up sounding horrible! (laughs). But the idea kind of started from there. I thought it would be a cool concept to have my friends from all these different parts of the world tweeking our songs. It kind of snowballed after that, with remixers recommending other remixers, and so forth. Some of my management guys also started asking these different producers if they would be interested, and most of them were very pleasant to work with.

Did you have difficulty dealing with the management of some producers?
Mostly, no. We dealt with a lot of them directly, and I’d say all of the ones we ended up working with were totally understanding with what we could offer back, which wasn’t much you know? It really was a positive experience of artists just working together for the sake of art, which a lot of times gets lost in the shuffle when you’re in production.

The first single is YMCK’s reworking of Nemesis/Murder. Why that one?
We just decided that it had a good balance of being a funky ass remix, but also still being in a song format. And it really was a song that we’ve never performed much, so people might not be too familiar with it. It’s a remix, but it’s also listenable for people who might need some push to listen to the more experimental remixes, you know? It’s always important to be able to lure people first, to have them open up to new experiences.

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Do you have a favorite remix?
It changes for all of us. The management guys really like the whole chiptune remixes, and I tend to gravitate towards the more experimental remixes. It keeps switching. Although those 8-bit sounds definetly brings back a lot of good gaming memories.

You’re going to release a few limited EPs.
Yes. It was a natural extention of the remix project, where our hardcore fans could have something a little more personal. We’re starting with the Nemesis EP (The Bronze Medal Records), and hopefully we could get two-three out in the coming months.

Are you afraid that more bands are going to star copying this idea?
I don’t know. We didn’t come up with the concept of a remix album. It’s not copyrighted. But…yeah, it would piss me off! (laughs)

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