8 thoughts on “Paramore – Live in Singapore @ Singapore Indoor Stadium”

  1. azkha says:

    paramore ga ke Indonesia? usahain dong

    1. diana ponyoh says:

      Dari dulu paramore emank ga pernah konser di indo. Batasnya cuma sampe di sing aja, bro!

  2. xafax says:

    Guys come to malaysia

    1. ocfernando says:

      COME TO MALAYSIA!!!!!! Since you’re at Singapore already :D

  3. dewicutezz says:

    kpn sih paramore k indonesia?????

  4. zidanechan says:

    Hey, anyone here has extra tickets for the standing pan, please PM me. I will pay a more from the original price, thank you. =)

    MSN/E-mail: zidanegoh_my [at] hotmail. com

  5. bladehanapi says:

    oh noooo….why paramore been to S’pore that time? I really wanna see it, but i need to work…huhuuu~ Boss, plz sign my leave form lol~ Uwaaaa3!!!!

  6. meyly says:

    Paramore , pleasecome to indonesia , i'll waitin u ☹
    I love u so much

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