Koil’s Blacklight Shines On

Download Koil’s New Album Here. (Right Click and Save Target/Link As on the download link above)


Six years after Megaloblast, finally Koil is releasing a new (mini) album. And we got the honor to be the first to release the songs for download. It’s completely free for you to download, copy, distribute and so on. Remember, you hear it first from here.

We’re going to upload one song at a time, so you need to check out this page from time to time for the next song. Some hints are available on our mailing list.

Blacklight Shines On
Track Listings:
1. Kenyataan Dalam Dunia Fantasi 4:06
2. Semoga Kau Sembuh pt. II 7:58
3. Ajaran Moral Sesaat 4:52
4. Aku Lupa Aku Luka 4:31
5. Hanya Tinggal Kita Berdua 7:33
6. Sistem Kepemilikan 4:40
7. Nyanyikan Lagu Perang 4:59
8. Semoga Kau Sembuh pt. I 6:25
9. Dan Cinta Kita Terlupakan 5:49

Wenz from RS Indonesia already has some review on the album here.

Update 19/07: The second song is up for grabs.
Update 25/07: Third Song is up, Artworks available.
Update 31/07: Fourth Song is up, Artworks now Hi Res.
Update 07/08: Fifth Song.
Update 16/08: Sixth Song. More to come.
Update 30/08: Seventh Song.
Update 7/09: Eighth Song.
Update 13/09: Ninth Song. That’s it for now.




Feel free to promote this album by copy/paste these code on your MySpace, Friendster, etc;
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68 thoughts on “Koil’s Blacklight Shines On”

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  2. New sPirit….pemBaharu LogiCa….surYa kantHa 4 Future….Realita HarApan AtaS keNyataan..>>>>>>>>> WALK ON…….be Natural & Down to Earth…….

  3. Bring the shit to KOIL…pencerahan otak bagi yg trsesat dijalannya…next album lbh kentel INDUSTRIAL…make some noise…UM DOIS TRES QUATRO.

  4. Kapan2 Kalo’ manggung lagi jangan cuma banting gitar…
    Tapi juga sebarin uang 100rb’an ke penonto…
    Biar lebih bersenang-senang….hehehe

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