Interview with YMCK

ymck_chara The rise of 8-bit scene can’t be separated from YMCK, their warm and cozy chiptunes are everyone’s favorite. This year they’ve just done a remix for Sajama Cut an Indonesian folk-rock band for their upcoming remix album. And now we presenting you a short and simple interview with YMCK’s Yokemura

1. How are you?
Fine, thank you. And you? ;)

I’m fine too.

2. Any plans for future releases? And how is the progress?
We’re a bit busy working for the forthcoming 3rd album.
The recording is almost finished, and now we’re planning about the promotion.

3. Why 8-bit?
Because it has a warm and so cute sound.
The modern synthesizers’ sound is a bit too fat and too aggressive, I want it to be much cheaper.

4. What is your most precious bought records this year?
Windmills of my soul / Kero-one :
Rap music with a slight jazzy flavor.
When we YMCK visit Korea, the crew in Pastel Music (from which we release Korean version CD) introduced this one for us. So relaxed atmosphere, good for relaxing at home.

5. Most awaited records release this years?
YMCK’s 3rd album ;)

6. Your all time favorite records?

smallworld001 – Bangpop! / V.A. :
The compilation by Smallroom, a record company in Thailand.
Smallroom deals with both Thai’s domestic artists and overseas artists, and here in this album is compiled with overseas artists’ songs. YMCK offered one song, too.
Besides the fact that our own song is included there, other songs are all beautiful, too, and the song order is perfect, still a strongly recommendable album for everyone.

7. Your recommendation of new acts in the music scene?
Recently, there increases the bands that use video art along with music in live performances.
They’re more than so-called VJing, but much more closely combined with their music.
Here’s a good example.

(You can see several video clips on “discography” page)

8. What did you see about YMCK and 8-bit in the future?
Our goal is to make 8bit music more popular than now. So far, many people seem to be attracted to 8bit sound only by curiosity and nostalgia. To make 8bit sound more popular, we have to appeal the fascination of the sound itself, which is pure, warm and cute.

9. Last bit?
We hope we can visit Indonesia to have performance someday!


There is no more to it.
Thank you.
With best,

Thanks a bunch to Midori who help us to make this interview happen.

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  5. chandra widjaja says:

    great posting. Thanks for sharing it.

  6. Cindy says:

    hmm, i don't know about YMCK.. But i think it's so complicated

  7. Parfum says:

    I like this interview!

  8. fruitautomaten says:

    Its al about that, reather i like to play on some gokkasten once in a while

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