Jogjakarta Corpse Grinder! Jogjakarta has once more arised from an endless sleep. Death Vomit, one of the most senior bands from Jogjakarta have came back and gorged out a full lenght album called; The Prophecy..included with 9 fast, chracteristic heavy mid-low tracks that will blow your brains out!!

The recording took place in Studio Avila Sleman-Jogjakarta that have been held by Inal as an operator loading on the 6 14 May 2006. The mixing Death Vomit did was taken place in Bintang 41 Studio recording Riung Bandung by Oteng Forgotten & Sophyan (guitar/vocals) 17 22 May 2006. The mastering will start on the 13th of June by Samuel Tanashya at Warner Music Studio. The whole layout for the cover is getting done by Bakuh and Kenji; one of the best designers for metal in Jogjakarta.

From this release Death Vomit will release an enhanced CD that all of you can view a whole interview and recording footage that was done by SIKSAKUBUR’s guitarist; Andre. Hail to the 14 years of Death Vomit their song arrangements just gets better.

CD release : 10/07/2006

DEATHROCKSTAR sekarang beralamat di

The scheduled releases that were going to be released on the 11th of June 2006 has been posponed since the cause
of the terrible earthquake where we have lost alot of our brothers.

Merchandisce DEATH VOMIT : CD T shirt
- CD : USD$ 14 – / Rp 45.000- ( Pre order has been opened )
- T shirt : USD$ 25 – / Rp 85.000- ( Pre order has been opened )

Death Vomit Tour Schedule:
- 27/07/2006 Jakarta / DKI Jakarta – TBA
- 28/07/2006 Jakarta / DKI Jakarta – TBA
- 01/08/2006 Jogja / Jogjakarta – TBA
- 04/08/2006 Kuta / Bali – TBA

Our wholesale price that included the shipping cost is…
25 cds or less = $8.00 each
26 – 50 cds = $7.75 each
51 – 75 cds = $7.50 each
76 – 100 cds = $7.25 each
101 + cds = $7.00 each or less
(The price depends on the quantity, then we could estimate it.)

but if you want for buying 1000cd/item the price is $USD2000 / 1000 pcs
(included the shipping with FEDEX – 1000 cds and cover)

Booking artist :
- Yessy ( 08122743461 )

We are still looking for an EVENT ORGANIZER that will organize this tour.

- Sophyan ( Guitar / Vocal )
- Roy ( Drum )
- Oky ( Bass / Back vocal )



  1. [ROCKSS??What d fu*kin heLL you talkin abouT???]
    Are there some mistakes with the mixing?
    It sounds..(kaya masih mendem gitu).Both middle fu*kin finger to workers who designed cover layout!You do great job!
    You all looks elegant guyz!Keep Fast,Toruting,n GREEN!!
    Cheers,SAGABURIAL (Ultrasoddom grindcore Disaster)

  2. anwar

    uedaaaaannnn….memang berkembang!!!sebuah kegilaan dari daerah yang gak pernah gue sangka bakalan ada band seperti anda!!….kalian sakit jiwa!!!..
    salam metal dari sulawesi utara bro!

  3. danto

    saya bangga pny band hebat dari kota saya sendiri!
    band ini memang sakit dari musik, performance serta tingkah lakunya!
    bila anda belum tau siapa yang membuat komunitas emo di jogja kocar kacir, itu semua karena DEATH VOMIT!!!

    jogja bangga punya kalian bro!
    hail to roy sofyan n oki!!!
    you guyz fuckin insane !
    death fuckin metal rulez!

  4. DEATH VOMIT sekarang lebih bau..???anjing soundnya nendang pantat gue banget,terutama drumnya he..he..habis drumernya keren habis mas ROY I LOVE U…muaaachh…ha..ha..ngomong-ngomong mana anggur KTI-nya bro???mari qta minum lagi sampe orgasme…….!!!!DEVO Death Fuck’in Griiiind..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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