DRS Quiz: Red Hot Chili Peppers – Stadium Arcadium (CD)

RHCP Cover

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1. Album RHCP yang paling kamu sukai
2. Nama pemain bass RHCP

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Many of the gods, goddesses, angels, demons and elementals of the universe have conspired to send messages from beyond through the Red Hot Chili Peppers for the current civilization. After a year and a half of channeling and organization these messages have taken the materialized form of the double album Stadium Arcadium.

Silence has curled up next to the band and taught them her song. If you let go and let this music take you by the hand, it will take you flying through skies of sound. It will zoom you up well above outer space and it will show you around planes of existence that do not share the laws and conditions of this reality. And when it brings you down to earth it will dig deep into that shit. It will also teach you to fall back without landing on your ass and to fall forward without falling on your face. Let go and you can be two places at once, you can be as big as the whole universe and as small as an atom simultaneously. You can experience time forwards, backwards and sideways. You can unite with a star or a plant. You are everything you see around you and the ideas in this music may get you to start realizing what a great power that can be.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers are learning all these things with whoever wants to come along. They are letting the invisible glorious kingdom of music give them shelter. They have crawled inside the body of music and they are inviting you inside.

All is illusion which gives us all the wonderful opportunity to play with everything in existence. In the words of one of the supreme gods of funk, ?Nothing is good unless you play with it.” The Red Hot Chili Peppers have twisted up nature into a decidedly psychedelic form. They have made music that can drive you to a place where nothingness is motion and movement and stillness are one. They have played with light, darkness, sound, silence, form, air, and space to make music that plays with the listener.

Born four separate people they have successfully become one. Their music is proof that four minds can become one, which prompts the question, why not a billion minds? They recommend that you shut off your mind and let Stadium Arcadium fly you away to place where everything and nothingness are one. They recommend that you let the music take you away to a place where everything is OK.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers and their holy guru Rick Rubin have put together music that can take you out of your body, so come inside the great outdoors. Breathe the water. Drink the air. Sleep on a cloud. Run up the beam of light from a star.

You are free. Close your eyes, open your mind, and let this music in and you will see that this is true.

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DRS Quiz: Disturbed – Ten Thousand Fists (CD)

Disturbed Cover

Berhadiah satu buah CD Disturbed “Ten Thousand Fists”. Untuk 3 pemenang. Persembahan Warner Musik Indonesia. Bagaimana caranya? Kirimin aja e-mail dengan subject “aku ingin mendapatkan CD Disturbed itu” dengan menjawab pertanyaan sebagai berikut:

1. apa nama label yang merilis CD Disturbed di Indonesia.?
2. band Indonesia yang kamu sukai?

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Disturbed 1
David Draiman
Dan Donegan
Mike Wengren

?If this disturbs you, then walk away?? warns singer DAVID DRAIMAN on the very first song of DISTURBED?s third studio album. The album?s title track, ?Ten Thousand Fists,? is DISTURBED?s most rousing call-to-arms to date, with DAVID calling upon his band?s leagues of fans to show their strength and solidarity. DAVID, ever the eloquent spokesman for his comrades in this Chicago-based hard rock band, admits that this time, the gloves are coming off.

?There?s true substance, true passion, true emotion and relevancy to all of these songs,? explains DAVID. ?And it?s an interesting record, in that it seems to really effectively fuse elements from our last two records, like the aggression and darkness of the first, with the more melodic and complex nature of the second.? True to his word, TEN THOUSAND FISTS (Reprise) is that rare hard rock album that exists purely in the now, with lyrics that are influenced by both the state of the world and by inter-personal relationships at the midpoint of the decade, and powered by riffs, beats and solos that sear with the fury of the best rock and roll.

Formed in 1996, having previously introduced the world to the concept of 2000?s The Sickness (3.4 million copies sold) and then proving to fans that they were here to stay with the Billboard No. 1-charting, Platinum-plus-selling Believe (2002)–with current sales of 1.6 million–DISTURBED made sure that when it came time to return to the studio with longtime associate, producer Johnny K., they would have the goods with them yet again. Guitarist DAN DONEGAN and drummer MIKE WENGREN began jamming together a mere month after the conclusion of the band?s triumphant Main Stage appearance on Ozzfest 2003. They ended up with 19 songs to present to lyricist DAVID, and 13 of them ended up on the new album (along with a strikingly hard-hitting cover of Genesis?s ?Land of Confusion?).

TEN THOUSAND FISTS boasts a cover by wildly-popular comics artist Todd McFarlane (creator of Spawn), and is spearheaded by the radio tracks ?Stricken? and ?Guarded.?

DONEGAN?s willingness to stretch out and begin playing more solos was a revelation to the band. ?DANNY has finally come out of his cage,? DAVID says admiringly. ?He?s ripping solos on a bunch of the songs on this record. I couldn?t be more proud, I?m so glad that he?s decided to have the courage to show everyone what he can do, and it?s fantastic.?

Having been befriended years ago by Pantera?s Dimebag Darrell, DISTURBED took his shocking murder very hard. DAN, who had been playing Pantera?s songs in bands long before DISTURBED had even formed, allows that his spirit definitely had an impact on the album.

?Unfortunately,? DAN recalls,? the day we entered the studio will always stay with me, because we had all flown down to Texas for the funeral, and when we returned, the next day we were working.

?Part of me is still paying tribute to him,? he continues, ?we need more lead guitar players out there, they?ve been away for too long.? DISTURBED would organize and perform a concert in Chicago that year to raise funds for Dimebag?s family.

There was another detour along the way. Before the band returned to the studio with Johnny K (who produced the two previous albums), the band experienced the departure of bassist Fuzz, who was excused from the group for ?personal differences.? (On TEN THOUSAND FISTS, bass duties were handled by John Moyer, a former member of The Union Underground.)

In the meantime, the band approved the use of Richard Cheese?s comedic version of ?Down With the Sickness? for a crucial scene in the successful remake of Dawn of the Dead, which DAVID says he found both amusing and appropriate for the film. ?The filmmakers were very passionate about using that version of the song, and when they showed us the movie in a private screening, we thought it was just perfect.?

?Down With the Sickness? showcased DAVID?s animalistic approach to vocals to the hard rock audience, and he continues to use his impressive growl to counterpoint his soaring vocals on the new songs. ?I only do what I feel, and it?s not a choice, really. The song dictates how I sing it. If there?s a part where the primal side of the vocals feels right coming out, I think that I have a responsibility to let it out.

?TEN THOUSAND FISTS is really more anger-oriented than Believe,? continues DAVID, ?more about just lashing out at the state of things, at the situations that we?ve fallen into and the state of events of the world around us. It?s a rallying cry.?


?There?s definitely a myriad of subject matter being dealt with on this record,? begins DAVID DRAIMAN. ?Some of them are relationship-oriented, some of them are life-experience-oriented, a lot of them are politically-motivated and -charged. I would say on this record that there is no specific unifying theme, necessarily, to all of the songs. They all have their own life and their own identity. There isn?t one cohesive, binding thing other than they?re all very passionate and very emotional.?

An unusual candidate for a singer in a heavy metal band, the articulate DAVID speaks about his songs and passions intelligently, and writes lyrics that don?t preach to the lowest common denominator. (Not for nothing was he a two-time panelist on ABC?s Politically Incorrect program.) He expects DISTURBED fans to engage their minds and open their consciousnesses to question the world, their beliefs, and themselves.

Quite rightly, there will be some controversy with some songs, and DAVID hopes to be debated about his views on government, war, and our country?s current divisiveness. But unlike the songs on Believe, which often found the singer sounding as if he was on some moral crusade to expose hypocrisy in all its forms, this time out DAVID has written lyrics that are more introspective and self-questioning.

?A lot of them deal with that,? he says, ?particularly the relationship-oriented songs, in terms of the choices made, in terms of the paths that we walk down.?

?Stricken,? the first single, is among the more personal of the new tracks, allows DAVID. ?It?s about those moments when someone comes into your life and it?s almost as if you?ve been afflicted with a disease you can?t get rid of. Devastating and debilitating.? Needless to say, this all-encompassing relationship gave birth to an eviscerating song of infernal love, complete with an explosive lead guitar burst from DAN.

The passionate lyrics of ?Ten Thousand Fists,? which opens the album like a battering ram, DAVID says are ?meant to signify unity and strength, the kind of elation and power? that can be felt at a momentous rock show. ?It?s speaking to the nonbelievers: ?You will remember the night you were struck by the sight of/Ten thousand fists in the air?.?

?Deify? challenges society?s tendency to elevate their leaders to God-like status, with a chorus that rallies: ?You?re no immortal, I won?t let them/Deify you.? To illustrate this, a sample of George Bush?s 9/11 speech is used at the beginning of the song. ?George W. Bush is who he is,? states DAVID. ?Agree with him or not, you cannot disagree with the fact that the entire portion of the country that was colored red during the election attributed godlike powers to this man.?

But it is the Iraq occupation that clearly raises the singer?s ire. A staunch advocate for peace, DAVID?s songs ?Sacred Lie,? ?Forgiven,? and ?Overburdened? all deal with the horrors of the mutilation and damnation of war, the terrible cost paid in flesh, blood, and souls. It?s a familiar topic to hard rock?see Metallica?s ?One? or Black Sabbath?s ?War Pigs?–and DISTURBED?s take is equally savage and heartfelt.

Says DAVID, ?I write songs like these from the perspective of trying to portray the futility of conflict and the futility of lives being lost for no good goddamn reason. On face value, some of the songs may seem anti-military, but there?s a very big difference between being anti-military and antiwar. I am flagrantly antiwar, but am passionately pro-military.? ?In fact, many soldiers have told me they listen to Disturbed while marching into conflict. If our music can bring fearlessness and strength to soldiers, I can?t be more proud,? says DAVID.

?Land of Confusion? is a cover of the 1986 Genesis hit, but its socially-conscious lyrics fit the second half of TEN THOUSAND FISTS well, so with DAN?s prodding, the band arrived at an aggressive version of the song, despite DAVID?s concern at recording another cover song so soon after The Sickness? ?Shout 2000? (an update of the Tears for Fears hit). ?I think [?Land of Confusion?] is certainly better than what we did with ?Shout,?? DAVID says, ?I hope that people will be able to hear it and take away a positive message.?

?Sons of Plunder? finds the singer tackling the current state of modern pop radio. ?Every A&R guy and their mother is trying to jump on what they think is the next band to break, and flood the airwaves with the same bands that sound exactly the same as every other band in that respective genre. If ?Sons of Plunder? ends up offending some of the sheep out there, oh, well. I don?t care!?

After an extended break, DISTURBED are more than ready to bring the sounds of the new album to the fans. The intention is to reintroduce themselves with appearances in small clubs (500 fists!); then to make the leap to bigger (1,000 fists!) and bigger venues along the way. By the time they hope to see ten thousand fists punching the air in time to their new songs, DISTURBED will be well on their way to proving how dynamic their lean-and-mean hard rock stage show really is.

So don?t walk away?

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DRS Quiz: Dream Theater – Octavarium (CD)

Dream Theatre Cover Octavarium

Berhadiah satu buah CD Dream Theater “Octavarium”. Untuk 3 pemenang. Persembahan Warner Musik Indonesia. Bagaimana caranya? Kirimin aja e-mail dengan subject “aku ingin mendapatkan CD Dream Theater itu” dengan menjawab pertanyaan sebagai berikut:

1. Siapa nama personel Dream Theater yang paling kamu kagumi?
2. DRS Girls yang paling kamu suka?

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Dream Theater 1
Dream Theater 2
James LaBrie — vocals
John Myung — bass
John Petrucci — guitars
Mike Portnoy — drums
Jordan Rudess — keyboards

Octavarium is not only the eighth studio album from progressive heavy rockers Dream Theater, but it also marks 20 years of existence for this majestic outfit. ?It?s pretty incredible,? says drummer Mike Portnoy, ?especially given the nature of what we do. I think maybe that?s probably been the secret to our longevity, is that we?ve never fit in. But it?s still incredible that here we are, 20 years later, and we?re not one of those bands that?s just sticking around on the downslide. We?re still growing and progressing with each album and tour.?

Not only has the five-piece resolutely defied both popular trends and fickle public tastes throughout its career, but Dream Theater?s sound and approach is more vibrant, powerful, and wide-ranging than ever. Octavarium, produced by the longtime tandem of Portnoy and guitarist John Petrucci, and mixed by Michael Brauer, encompasses the many varieties of heavy, epic, complex rock that has drawn legions of fans to the band?s monumental catalog of releases and dynamic, marathon live shows.

?We had two goals this time,? explains Portnoy about the band?s focused-like-a-laser approach. ?The first goal was a reaction to our last album, Train Of Thought (2003), which was intentionally very, very dark and heavy from start to finish. It was definitely the heaviest album we ever made. So when it came time to make this record, we knew we didn?t want to do that again. We wanted to go back to a more traditional Dream Theater style, which is a variety of everything. We still have heavy songs, but also have some lighter songs and some epic, progressive songs — it?s more of a balance.?

Portnoy adds that the group?s second goal was to challenge themselves as songwriters by composing shorter pieces than the band is famous for. ?Our last three or four albums, almost every song was very long. I mean, we?ve always had long songs our whole career, but we kind of did that formula to death. So we wanted to challenge ourselves this time to try and write shorter songs. For most bands, it?s a challenge to write a long song, but to us, the challenge is to go the other way. There are three or four songs on the album that are very short and concise, but are still Dream Theater.?

Indeed, tunes such as ?I Walk Beside You? and ?The Answer Lies Within? clock in at five minutes or under — largely unexplored territory for a band known for ?double digit? masterpieces like ?A Change Of Seasons? and ?Metropolis.? But what?s even more surprising about those two new tracks — both highlights of Octavarium — is the diversity of material they represent. ?Songs like those are kind of new for Dream Theater,? says Portnoy. ?There?s almost a Coldplay or U2 influence. It?s something that we?ve always had and tried to tap into, but I don?t think we?ve ever truly nailed it as strongly as we did with these songs. And then you have songs like ?Panic Attack? and ?The Root Of All Evil,? which are so dark and heavy and progressive and technical, and then something like ?Octavarium? and ?Sacrificed Sons,? which are true epics.?

The latter two cuts both feature an orchestra, something the band has never utilized before, while the 24-minute title cut is sure to become one of the band?s signature pieces. ?I think it?s one of the best things we?ve ever written, because it encompasses a little bit of everything that Dream Theater is about in one statement,? says Portnoy proudly. ?I think most of our fans? favorite songs from our catalog tend to be those type of songs.?

That catalog extends back to 1989, when Dream Theater released its debut album, When Dream And Day Unite. The group had formed several years earlier, in September of 1985, when Berklee School of Music students Portnoy, John Myung, and John Petrucci decided to start a band together. Originally known as Majesty, the fledgling act recruited keyboardist Kevin Moore and singer Chris Collins into the fold. Collins eventually left, replaced by Charlie Dominici, while another band forced them to drop the Majesty moniker in favor of Dream Theater, named after a demolished California cinema.

When Dream And Day Unite made an immediate impact on the underground progressive rock scene, but Dream Theater wanted to push further. Replacing Dominici with James LaBrie, the group signed to Atco Records and recorded 1992?s groundbreaking Images And Words. Featuring the hit, ?Pull Me Under,? the album introduced Dream Theater to hordes of new fans that continue to support the band to this day.

Images And Words was followed by 1994?s Awake, 1997?s Falling Into Infinity, and 1999?s Scenes From A Memory. At the same time, Kevin Moore gave way to first Derek Sherinian, then Jordan Rudess. Personnel changes, label turnover, and the ill-timed release of 2001?s Live Scenes From New York — which arrived on September 11th, 2001, with cover art featuring a New York skyline against a backdrop of flames — roiled the group but never truly deflected it from its musical path. ?The biggest reason we?ve been able to endure that is our devoted fan base,? says Mike Portnoy. ?Our fans are as big a part of the story as we or our music is. They?re the reason that we?re able to keep a major label deal and go and play sheds and large theatres and stuff like that without mainstream exposure. It?s due to this incredible fan base that stands by us through thick and thin from year to year.?

And now that fan base has been rewarded once again with the June 2005 release of Octavarium. The last album to ever be recorded at New York?s legendary Hit Factory before it closed its doors for good in March of 2005, this record is sure to please every diehard Dream Theater fan, while drawing new ones to the band?s skillful medley of heavy metallic power, delicate melodicism, and brilliant, award-winning musicianship. ?There?s always gonna be an audience for musicians and artists and people who actually want to create something that?s valid and unique,? concludes Portnoy. ?The rock stardom thing and being on MTV and selling millions of records and being part of a trend has never been interesting to us. We?re just five musicians that like to play and write together, and luckily there?s this devoted audience that?s been behind us all this time.?

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