Bla Bla Blast!

They are young and full of energy, that ready to blast! here is Bla Bla Blast!

1. How did you get that funny name?

the concept is actually silly, we don’t want a name that has a meaning behind it.
at first, ferron only wanted the band to be named bla bla bla.
but then rico had an idea to add blast! into the name, well there it is. our band name lol

2. How do you describe your music in one sentence?
you can dance to metal music. you can headbang to electronica dance music

3. What is on your playlist now?
the three of us has different senses of music. our playlists are too much to answer this one

4. Did you often browsing throught myspace and found some musical treasure from unknown band? tell me about your most precious founds.
of course we browse through myspace music! we found some awesome bands that actually has became our influences in making music.
that would be sky eats airplane and enter shikari. awesome stuff

5. what is your greatest stuff on your shopping cart last months?
well, our latest great purchase is hundreds of blank cds for producing our Paranoia EP (which we produced by our own!)

6.last word?
God Blast!, awesome!


A short info about them
Bla Bla Blast! is a result of an experiment to create a new genre to music with a different point a view. With an electronica basic sound supported with distorted guitars and completed with metal vocals. This band is consisted by three young musicians. Ferron Wesley as vocalist, Rico Julian as programmer, Ditsa Sadega as guitarist.

Ferron currently is finishing his studies in Netherlands. Before considering making a new band, he has been a well-known vocalist of Arck.
Rico comes from Semarang, and he lives there. He has an 8-bit music solo carrier, known as Hellostereo.

Ditsa is from Jakarta, and he studies in Jakarta aswell. He plays guitar for Sherina, a young singer from Indonesia.

Bla Bla Blast! started by the acquaintance of Ferron & Rico by the internet in January 2007. They never really met before but they found same interests into music and decided to start a side project. As Rico has a well capability in making music and Ferron has been a vocalist since years ago, so they agreed on each other then Bla Bla Blast! was formed. At one point in the process of their music making, they decided to start searching for a guitarist to maximize their sound for live performances. Ditsa and Ferron have known each other before, and Ditsa actually offered himself to join. Ditsa has made very good accomplishments in music, so Ferron & Rico recruited him immediately in May 2007. They worked on making music separately, as they live in distant places (Ferron in Netherlands, Rico in Semarang, and Ditsa in Jakarta) and brought their music for society listening by their online profile on Myspace. They finally met in the end on June and started their relationship from just co-workers to best friends.

bla-bla-blast_kover Contact Bla Bla Blast! :

Cassey Sadikin

Official website :

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  3. Hendra Alicea Tam Tam says:

    kpn main ke pontianak??
    di tgguin ya .!

  4. Doni says:

    Kangen BLA BLA BLAST….

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